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As a member of the Angling Trust S&HAA receives lots of information and potential help from this national organization.
Advice and information is available on many topics including: Illegal Fishing, Licence Requirements, Foreign Language help, Predator Control, Liaison with Fishery Owners, Pollution Control, Reporting of and Legal Advice on prosecution of offenders via the 'Fish Legal' organization.
The Angling Trust, in conjunction with the Environment Agency, run short courses for Volunteer Bailiffs.
With increasing numbers of people fishing illegally as well as stealing fish from our waters members are encouraged to become volunteer bailiffs. The courses are free and 'official' kit will be supplied free also. If you would like to help the club in this important work and even if you can only patrol the river once a year your assistance would be much appreciated. Please get in touch with any of the committee members via the 'Contacts' page and let us know.
Your club is a member of the AT but you can, of course, also join as an individual member. There's a good offer of tackle vouchers now going for new members. Go to: and look for offers for new members:
The Angling Trust and Fishing Megastore are pleased to announce a great reward offer for new individual members of the Angling Trust and Fish Legal.

New members of the Angling Trust who join from 24th March, 2018 will be eligible to receive a reward code enabling them to claim a £29 discount on a single purchase from Fishing Megastore.

This offer is available to all adult, senior citizen and life members of the Angling Trust and Fish Legal who make an annual subscription payment and who have not held a valid membership during the preceding 24 months before joining. Qualifying members will be sent a discount code, together with information about how to redeem the reward, within 10 working days of receipt by Angling Trust of their subscription payment. (Members electing to pay by annual Direct Debit will be sent their discount code within 10 working days of their first Direct Debit collection). The offer is not available to monthly Direct Debit payers.

The reward code can be used for a single purchase of any value but if the value of the purchase is less than £29 the code cannot then be used again against future purchases.

Reward codes will be valid for six months from the date of notification.

Please join the Angling Trust and Fish Legal as an individual member now and get the value of your subscription back when you use your reward code at Fishing Megastore. And don't forget to encourage your angling friends and family to give us their support and take advantage of this great offer, too!

You can also join by calling the Angling Trust Membership Team on 01568 620447.
When you join please mention your club, Sturminster & Hinton AA. Good publicity!

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