Fiddleford, Frampton's to Hammoon

Fiddleford to Hammoon
Fiddleford Millpool

The picturesque Fiddleford weir pool holds bream, chub, pike, perch, roach and dace and provides excellent all-season fishing. With chub up to 6lbs, bream to 8lbs and a good chance of a 20+pike it's a popular venue for our members. In the fast runs below the pool there's a good head of chub and decent roach, particularly good in winter when the weed clears. Where the trailway footbridge (Black Bridge) crosses over the river the river deepens down to around 14ft and this area is probably the most productive winter stretch of all our waters.
Below the bridge the river shallows up and, with average depths between 4ft and 7ft and a good flow rate all the way down to Hammoon, there is very good roach, dace, pike and chub fishing especially when the weed begins to die down in the autumn. More traditional methods such as stick float fishing and ledgering bread flake can be particularly successful.
You can park in the public car park by Fiddleford Manor House or, when conditions allow, drive down to our club parking area, using the track which crosses over the trailway. Note no parking on or by the side of the trailway itself and vehicles are not to be driven over the areas laid to grass next to the club car park.
Please note that the right hand bank immediately above Hammoon Bridge and for several meadows below - as far as the wooded area at Bere Marsh Farm - is no longer available to members; marked in red on the map.