Hammoon down to Bere Marsh

Hammoon To Hayward's
Final downstream length

Hammoon can be reached by passing through Fiddleford on the A357 and taking a left turn on to the minor road signposted Hammoon or taking the B3091 from Sturminster to Manston, turning right with another right turn shortly after signposted Hammoon. Limited parking by the bridge with a further small parking area accessed by turning left, if approaching from the A357, right if from the river bridge, on to the new road to Manor Farm. A small amount of parking on the rhs of the road by the trees opposite the new house.
Fishing on the right bank is now not available immediately upstream of the bridge and for several meadows downstream - red line on map. Please do not park on the side road which goes past the church to the front of the old Manor House.
At the lower end of the stretch park near the old railway bridge on the road from the A357 to Child Okeford (just before entering Shillingstone) and take the public footpath across the field heading upstream to the footbridge over the river. Before the footbridge there is a gate to the right which gives access to part of our stretch of river. Across the footbridge you can fish a small area downstream for one meadow's length. You can access the upstream length by passing the farm buildings on the left hand side and crossing the field on the right to access the river up as far as the wooded area.
Fishing all along this streamy length is good for roach, dace, chub and pike, coming into its own in the winter months when the weed had died down.
Please note that the final short length above Bere Marsh Farm (red hatching on map) has been converted to a camping area and this small stretch is now not available to members. Just below this stretch it is intended to remove that barbed-wire fence to make access easier for anglers. This is expected to be completed in the near future.