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Match Results and Reports for 2018/19 season. 

9th July 2018
The S&HAA White Hart Trophy was fished at Sowley, above Fiddleford Mill, last Sunday. With the water gin-clear and very little flow the fishing was difficult but still some decent weights came to the scales. In a currently on-form area half-way up the section, John Cattell improved on his runner-up spot in the previous match with a match-winning total of 9lbs 2ozs. John's was an all-roach catch and they were all caught on hemp hookbait, perhaps unusually early in the season for seed baits to be successful but maybe an symptom of the long period of warm weather that we have been enjoying. In second place Stoyan Fuchedzehiev fished the pole with maggot hookbait and caught several skimmer bream, a good sign that the big bream shoals in the area are thriving, and weighed in a total weight of 8lbs 13ozs. In the next peg to Stoyan Jeff Sibley had a lot of small roach for 8lbs 7ozs and came in third. The previously-mentioned big bream did not show in any numbers but did turn up as bonus fish with two section wins: Simon Dennis had a bream of around 4lbs to help him win a section with 6lbs 4ozs, Bill Hanson won his section with a weight of 8lbs 3ozs which included a bream of around 6lbs, the final section being won by Terry Sergeant with 2lb 2ozs of small roach.

The next match will be the Pairs Trophy and will be fished on the river at either Wood lane or Durrant. All welcome, details from and book in with Ian Steele on 07748626427.
9th July 2018

The first round of the North Dorset Shield was held on Sunday 8 July. The venue was Durweston’s Club Waters on a crystal clear River Stour.
On a very hot day results and expectations were not high but there were no blanks which was pleasing given the conditions.
The Section results were….
‘A’ 1st.Trev Crocker 5lbs 4ozs (best weight on the day)2nd.Bill Hanson3lbs 2ozs
‘B’1st.Mic Hurst4lbs 13ozs2ndAndy Miller 3lbs 13ozs
‘C’1st.Dennis Corry 2lbs8ozs2nd.Martin Tizzard2lbs2ozs
‘D’1st.Steve Harvey5lbs0ozs2ndTony Cairns3lbs 12ozs

The points outcomes were
Sturminster and Hinton14 points
17th July 2018

We held our Pairs trophy match on the river at Wood Lane on Sunday. The river was very clear and with very little flow but, in spite of these conditions, there were a lot of fish caught.

The shallower sections above Dunch Mouth proved to be the most productive with Dean Walters, 3 pegs above Dunch Mouth, fishing a short pole line and alternating between maggot and hemp/tare hookbait had a very good net of small roach and a few small perch for a winning total of 14lb 11ozs. One peg above him Dennis Corry, using similar tactics, had a nice net of small fish for 11lb 1oz and runner-up spot. At the upstream end of the match, again with shallower water and a bit of flow, John Cattell was a close third with 10lb 10ozs.

The sections were won by Andy Miller with 7lb 2ozs, Kev Bennett with 7lb 2ozs and Simon Dennis with 7lb 14ozs. The Pairs trophy went to John Cattell and Kev Bennett with a combined weight of 17lb 12ozs.

The next match for S&HAA will be the annual visit to Longhouse lake where Tisbury AS will host the match on their home water on Sunday 29th July. Places limited so book in with Ian on 07748 626427 asap.
13thAug 2018
The latest round of the North Dorset Shield series was fished yesterday on Sturminster's water at Sowley.
Top individual weight on the day came from Andy Miller, fishing for the Dorchester team, who weighed in 8lbs 4ozs. Second and third places were taken by Sturminster anglers with Steve Harvey weighing 6lbs 8ozs for runner-up spot and Bill Hanson getting 5lbs 13ozs of roach for third position.
Top team position went to Dorchester with 13pts, second was Stalbridge with 11pts, third Sturminster with 9pts and fourth the Durweston team with 7 pointys. Overall league standings after two matches: Sturminster, 23pts; Stalbridge, 21pts; Durweston 20pts and Dorchester, 19pts.
The third round of the competition will be fished on Dorchester's water at Hanford on September 9th.
18th Sep 2018

Match report 1:
S&HAA fished our BB Trophy match on Sunday 2nd Sep on the Durrant stretch of the river below the Recreation Ground in Sturminster.
Lots of roach were caught with all the competitors having a good day and very close top weights.
Pegged just above the concrete 'relief channel' John Perry had a nice net of roach and a couple of small chub for a winning weight of 12lbs; after a few small roach on maggot hookbait he changed to feeding hemp with tares on the hook and caught a lot of good-quality roach. In second place Dave Rigby started on maggot for a few bits and then switched to caster on the hook and fed caster and hemp for an all-roach catch of 9lbs 8ozs. Two pegs above him Andy Miller fished pinkie on the hook and fed pinkie in groundbait for a good third placed weight of 9lbs 5ozs. Mick Haskell was pegged between Andy and Dave and came in a close fourth with 9lbs 4ozs of roach caught on maggot hookbait whilst feeding caster.

Match report 2:
We held our first club match of the autumn on the Sowley stretch above Fiddleford Mill on Sunday 16th September.
With lots of duckweed still making pegging awkward- we could do with some rain asap - and the river in a fickle mood fishing was fairly hard. Lots of small fish were caught but most of the top weights came from anglers using caster on the hook to tempt some better-stamp roach. In first place Simon Dennis had a few bits on maggot before switching to caster to net several good roach for a total weight of 7lbs 3ozs. In second place Andy Miller, pegged on the deep swim just below bream bend, used similar tactics to come in a close runner-up with 7lbs 1oz of roach. With lots of small fish feeding on the surface Neil Sims used a pole rig fishing at around 18ins deep to take a nice all-rudd catch of 6lbs 1oz, hard work with an 11m pole but worth the effort for third place in the pools. The upstream section winner was Bill Hanson with 4lb 13ozs of caster-caught roach and Dave Rigby managed to win the downstream section with only 2lbs 13ozs of roach, again caught on caster hookbait.
The next club match will be held on the Colber stretch - a good winter venue - on Sunday Sep 30th. Book in as usual with Ian Steele on 07748 626427 or Neil Sims on 07920 876638.
4th October 18
S&HAA had the second of our autumn club match series on the river at Colber last Sunday. Pegged from just below the footbridge upstream to the top of the second meadow a good turn-out found the river in nice condition and cracking nets of roach came out from along the whole length.
On the upstream end peg Simon Dennis enjoyed the day with a winning weight of 14lbs 13ozs of roach. He used pole tactics with maggot on the hook and later in the match switched to a running-line waggler rig to catch fish throughout the match. Pegged a couple of swims from the old railway bridge Andy Miller had another nice bag of roach, fishing maggot and caster on the hook over groundbait he caught steadily for the full five hours for a total weight of 13lbs 2ozs. Further upstream Ian Paulley fished the pole with caster on the hook and feeding groundbait for another double-figure net of roach, this one weighing in at 12lbs 4ozs, and taking third place in the match. Apart from the overall top three individuals there were three section winners: Mick Haskell had an all-roach net 10lbs 12ozs to win the downstream section, Dave Rigby had 8lbs 1oz of roach for the middle section win and Neil Sims had 7lbs 6ozs to win the upstream section. All in all a good day's fishing on a very fair match venue.
23rd October 2018
S&HAA held our annual Edwin Short memorial trophy match on the river at Colber last Sunday.

A good turn-out of over 20 anglers turned out for the match at this popular winter venue and, while the better quality roach failed to show, a lot of fish were caught and some good weights recorded. Pegged towards the upstream end of the match England international Des Shipp caught small roach throughout the five hours and took a winning weight of 15lbs 1ozs. Des started off on a groundbait-fed 11metre pole line and netted roach using maggot on the hook. Later on in the match he switched to a 13m line and fed a lot of hemp, no groundbait, and continued to catch roach using maggot on the hook, later switching to hemp hookbait to keep the roach coming until the end of the match. A good example of the effectiveness of hemp, which is often considered a 'summer' bait, at any time of the season.

Jeff Sibley, pegged halfway along the upstream length, fed groundbait and pinkie and, using his favourite hookbait, pinkie, caught small roach throughout the match for an excellent runners-up spot with 12lb 7ozs. In third place Mick Hurst had 11lbs 14ozs of roach fishing the peg just above Edwin's boathouse. An appropriate framing peg in view of the trophy being competed for.

Apart from the top three there were four section prizes: Andy Miller won the upstream section with 8lbs 9ozs, next downstream Keith Baker had 6lbs 9ozs, further down Ian Paulley, pegged next to the old railway bridge, had 6lbs 1oz and, in the last downstream section, Simon Dennis, pegged opposite Edwin's boathouse, had a nice net of roach weighing in at 7lbs 7ozs.

The next S&HAA match will be on the river on Sunday 4th November. Book in with Ian Steele on 07748 626427.
7th Nov 2018
A few years ago the local length of the Dorset Stour was well known for its excellent roach fishing. In more recent times the roach have always been there but very few specimens were recorded. Over the last couple of years, however, the reported individual catches and the match weights have shown a marked improvement and the river seems to be returning to its former roach fishing glory.

After a string of good S&HAA matches on the Colber stretch the latest match last Sunday proved how the river continues to improve.

Pegged two swims down from the old railway bridge John Cattell caught the best all-roach winning weight for many years. John fished an 8-metre whip and persevered with loose-fed hempseed with tare on the hook throughout the match and, after a slow start, the roach moved onto the feed and for the last two hours he had almost a bite a chuck and caught several quality roach, a couple topping the pound mark and several around the 12oz mark, to weigh in a total of 19lbs 12ozs for cracking winning weight. A few swims above the railway bridge Ben Dukes, returning to fish the S&HAA matches after a long break, had a nice day catching roach on the maggot and the caster over groundbait and totalled and all-roach weight of16lbs and runner-up spot.

There were three sections in the match and some more excellent winning weights to take those prizes. The upstream section was won by Steve Harvey who had a nice perch of 1lb 15ozs in his net weighing 13lb 2ozs, the middle section was won by Kev Bennett with an all-roach net of 13lb 15ozs and the downstream section was won by Bill Hanson with 8lb 8ozs of roach.

Here's hoping that these excellent roach continue to show - and grow.

19th November 2018
The S&HAA match yesterday showed again what a good venue the Colber stretch of the river is as winter approaches. The deeper length between the old railway bridge and the footbridge proved to be the most productive. Pegged two swims above the footbridge Bill Hanson caught throughout the five hours. He started off using breadpunch on the hook and had about ten pounds of roach on that method before going out to 13metres and catching lots of perch on worm. The highlight of Bill's catch was a nice tench of around 5lbs in weight - not a bad bit of angling as he caught it on breadpunch with a size 18 hook to .08 (about 1lb 12oz) line. This helped to bring his match total to 24lbs 4ozs, a brilliant winning weight. Pegged just below the footbridge Ben Dukes fished pinkie and caster over groundbait and had a few roach, a lot of rudd and some perch for a nice runner's up total of 15lb 6ozs. Just one ounce behind with 15lbs 5ozs was John Cattell who drew the same peg he won from in the previous match. John fished the same method as last time and had another nice bag of roach caught using an 8metre whip and tares on the hook for third place in the match.
Apart from the top places the upstream section was won by Dean Walters with 13lbs 8ozs of mainly perch caught on worm, in the middle section Mick Hurst had an ounce under 10lbs to win that prize and in the downstream section Keith Baker and Glynn Marples fought out and honourable draw with 7lbs 14ozs each.
Apart from all these place weights four other anglers had weights over 10lbs - all in all a cracking day out for all concerned.
The next S&HAA match will be on one of the lakes at Todber Manor on Sunday 9th December, book in with Ian Steele on 07748 626427.
8th January 2019
S&HAA had our delayed Christmas hamper match on the river at Colber on Sunday.

The river looked in very good condition but the normally prolific roach on this stretch didn't cooperate.
With the shallower pegs below the footbridge fishing very poorly - only one of the four anglers pegged there weighed in - it was left to the favourite pegs between the two bridges to provide some decent nets. Pegged two swims above the footbridge Ben Dukes started off on the bread punch and caught several small roach and a few rudd. When this swim half-way across the river died down a little bit Ben switched to a long-pole line at 14metres and fed worm with the same on the hook and caught a lot of perch. His very good weight of 13lb 4ozs was enough to win the hamper (minus the turkey - that had been consumed two weeks earlier) and a nice pools payout. Pegged above the old railway bridge England international Des Shipp spent most of the match fishing breadpunch for a lot of small fish and later fed a small amount of worm for a few perch, including a nice bonus fish of 1lb 8ozs, and weighed in a fine total of 11lbs 10ozs for the runner-up spot.
That weight gave Des the section winner position and in the same section and next peg to Des, Dean Walters had 7lbs 6ozs for second place in section. The downstream section was won by Steve Harvey, pegged just above the footbridge, who had a lot of perch in his total of 10lbs 12ozs. Second in section, Simon Dennis alternated between maggot-caught small roach and a lot of perch caught on worm for a weight of 10lb 6ozs.

The next S&HAA match will be held on the same section of river , conditions permitting, on 20th January.
25th Feb 2019
S&HAA had our annual match against Tisbury yeterday.
Local knowledge paid dividends with S&HAA having a convincing total-weight victory. The river fished reasonably well with the stretch at Sterte, down from the bull car park, providing the top three individual weights.
With a general consensus among coarse anglers that seed baits are best in summer and autumn, John Cattell again went against accepted opinion and had yet another win feeding hemp and using tares on the hook. Pegged towards the bottom end of the first field John had a lot of roach on a 7 metre whip rig for a very nice net of 13lbs 4ozs. In second place Jeff Sibley, fishing the next peg to John, had another nice nice net - roach and a few perch caught on maggot hookbait fished over hempseed as groundbait - for a runner's up total of 12lbs.
In third place Mick Donahue kept the Tisbury flag flying with with their team's highest weight of 7lbs 14ozs, maggot-caught roach and perch from the 'bath swim', one peg below the second disabled platform. In fourth place Mick Hurst, pegged in the swim just above the Town Bridge, included a couple of pound-plus skimmer bream in his net of 6lbs 15ozs.
Apart from the top individual weights four first in section places were paid out: on the upstream pegs just below the recreation ground Dave Rigby had a lot of small roach and a few perch caught on the whip at 8 metres for 4lbs 4ozs, in the next downstream length Richard Chave, pegged immediately below the weirpool at Sturminster Mill, had 3lbs 6ozs, in the next section down Andy Miller had 5lbs 4ozs and in the furthest downstream section, going down as far as the river opposite the church, Brian Trim had just 2lbs 11ozs to take the last section prize.
Thanks to the Tisbury club for their good turn-out and maybe we'll have the next one in summer....

The last S&HAA match on the river this season will a club match next Sunday, 3rd March. All welcome, book in with Jeff on 07901037120 or Ian on 07748626427.
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