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Match Results and Reports for 2017/18 season. 

1st July 2017
Wecome to the new season..

Sturminster and Hinton waters have got off to a good start in the new season.

Several reports of good catches on the river topped by a cracking 21-bream haul of fish up to 6.5 lbs caught by Dean Walters near Sturminster Mill - a bag totalling around 100lbs. Other good nets of bream reported from between Stur Mill and Colber and from Fiddleford weirpool.

The first match of the river season was held at Wood Lane and every one of the 20+ competitors had a decent net of small fish. On the day Terry Sergeant topped the weights with a net of small chub, roach and dace, a totalof 9lbs 10ozs. Whilst nearly all competitors used pole tactics Terry fished a waggler running-line rig and fed maggot and hemp for his good win. Next was Dean Walters, pegged opposite Dunch mouth, who used a short pole 'to hand' and maggot hookbait to catch 8lb 8ozs of small fish. In third position Bill Hanson had 8lb 5ozs, helped on by a nice bream of 4lb (perhaps one of the several he took to win the same match last year...) Fourth was Ian Paulley, pegged a couple of swims below Dunch mouth, who use a long pole and very light tackle rig to catch 5lb 8ozs, in fifth position Andy Miller had 5lb 3ozs of small fish and, making up the frame, Nigel Bartlett had 4lb 10ozs.

The next S&HAA match will be this coming Sunday, 2nd July, and will be held on the Sowley/Steart length. Book in with Ian Steele on 07748 626427.
We held our second match of the season on the Sowley stretch - above Fiddleford weirpool - last Sunday,
2nd July.

Another good turn-out of over 20 anglers had a nice day's fishing with everyone catching a lot of small roach, perch and small chub . Nigel Bartlett was pegged on the downstream end peg a couple of swims above the weir pool and fished waggler towards the far bank and caught a nice all-roach net of 11lb 9ozs for first place.

Bill Hanson was pegged in Little Ham field and had a net of small roach and a nice tench of over 4lbs, caught with worm hook bait, for a total weight of 10lb 8ozs and runner-up spot.

Martin Tizzard drew peg number 2, near the upstream end on Little Ham, and had around 60 or 70 small roach and a bonus chub of about 12ozs, fishing red maggot hook bait on the pole, for a weight of 8lb 3ozs and third position.

Keith Baker was pegged two up from the downstream end of the match length and had lot of small fish to make up the frame in 4th place with 7lb 5ozs.

The section winners were Will Kendrick, Terry Sergeant and Neil Sims.

6th August 2017
S&HAA held our Read Trophy match on the river at Sowley today. The river was in good condition but the fishing was tough with the field having to fish hard with only small fish being caught. Nevertheless every one of the turn-out of over 20 anglersput lots fish in the net and the weights were very close.

Kev Bennett made his journey from Ringwood worth it with a lot of small fish for a winning weight of 6lb 12ozs. He was pegged half way along the match length opposite Girdlers Coppice and used pole-fished maggot bait to catch a net of small roach and rudd. John Cattell was on the upstream end peg in Little Ham field where the extra flow held a lot of small fish and he caught 5lb 14ozs of them for the runner-up spot. Andy Miller was in the second peg from the downstream end above Fiddleford weirpool and he used pole tactics to catch 5lb 12ozs for third place. Neil Sims had a bonus bream of around 4lbs which boosted his weight to a fourth-placed 5lb 11ozs, Ian Paulley was fifth with 5lb 6ozs and Jeff Sibley 6th with 5lb 4ozs.

The next match on S&HAA waterswill be the next round of the North Dorset Shield series and will be held on the same stretch at of the river at Sowley on Sunday 12th Aug.

Tue 26th Sep 2017
We had our Singles Trophy match on the river above Fiddleford mill on Sunday. A good turnout of over 20 anglers found the river in good condition but the fish a little uncooperative.
Three out of the top four weights came from the second field upstream - Little Ham - with Simon Dennis, alternating between the pole at 12 metres and an 8-metre whip,with pinkie on the hook, catching small roach throughout for a winning weight of 5lbs 15ozs. A couple of pegs upstream from Simon, Andy Miller again figured in the frame with a second-placed 5lb 5ozs of small pole-caught roach. In fourth place, pegged between the two top place anglers on the very deep bend, John Perry fished a short pole line close to the bank for a net of roach weighing in at 4lb 13ozs. Breaking up the monopoly of Little Ham, Mick Haskell, fishing the downstream end peg, a couple of swims above the weir, had a couple of small chub to go with his dozen or so roach for a total third-placed weight of 4lbs 14ozs.

The next S&HAA match will be the Stour Cup competition on the river this coming Sunday, 1st October, match length changed from Wood Lane to Colber. Book in as usual with Ian Steel on 07748 626427.
11th October 2017
We had our Stour Cup match on the river at Colber a week last Sunday (1st).A good turnout of over 20 anglers braved the wet and windy conditions with decent weights coming from the whole match length.

On the downstream end peg, just above the white footbridge, Simon Dennis had a match-winning total of 13lb 2ozs. In the same downstream section Jamie Stone had a net of 10lb 8ozs and, also in the same section, Mick Haskell took third place with 8lb 7ozs. All these weights were made up of roach and perch; as usual at this stage of the season the good perch are beginning to show up on the Colber stretch between the footbridge and the old railway bridge.

On the upstream section all anglers had good all-roach bags topped by new club member, England international Des Shipp (welcome aboard!), with 7lb 14ozs. Second in the section was Andy Miller with 5lb 7ozs of roach and third was Pete Edwards with 4lb 15ozs.

The next match will be the Edwin Short Trophy event, to be held on the same stretch at Colber, this coming Sunday, 15th October. Book in with Ian as usual on 07748 626427.

18th Oct 2017
We held our Edwin Short Trophy match on the river at Colber last Sunday.

Another good turnout found the river in good form in spite of the pegs having to be carefully placed to avoid the profusion of duckweed on the river at the moment...

Pegged above the old railway bridge Andy Miller had a good net of roach weighing in at 12lbs 5ozs. Andy fished pole and alternated hookbait between maggot and caster with caster taking some nice roach up to 12ozs in weight. Just two pegs away Steve Harvey used maggot hookbait for a nice net of roach of up to 1lb apiece for a runner's up spot with 10lbs 10 ozs. In third place in the same section Ian Dunlop, pegged just above the white footbridge, had a mixed bag of roach and perch for 8lbs 4ozs.

In the top section, well up from the railway bridge, Dean Walters won the section with lots of maggot-caught roach totalling 8lbs 8ozs. Jamie Stone fished the pole with maggot and caster hookbaits to take second in section place with 8lbs 4ozs and Simon Dennis had quite a task to land a tench of 4lbs 8ozs on light pole tackle to take his weight to 8lbs 3ozs and claim third place.

The next Sturminster match will be on the river at either Colber or Sowley on October 29th. Book in with Ian on 07748 626427.
5th Nov 2017
Last Sunday we had a Winter Points match on the river at Sowley upstream of Fiddleford weir pool.
After the recent rain the river looked in good condition with a touch of colour and a bit of flow. Unfortunately not all of the duckweed had been washed downstream after the rain and it proved troublesome on some of the pegs.
In spite of the river not being in top form Mick Hurst, pegged in Little Ham field, provided one of the match highlights of the season with a nice net totalling 16lb 12ozs of which 11lbs was a cracking, beautifully-scaled common carp. A great fish for the river and an expert display of pole fishing - Mick caught the fish whilst trying for perch using the pole at 13 metres with a size 15 hook tied to a 0.13 hooklength with worm as bait. With another 5lbs 12ozs of small roach he was a comfortable winner on the day. In second place Neil Sims, pegged on the downstream end peg just above the weir pool, had a nice net weighing in at 8lbs 5ozs and included a tench of around 4lbs in his bag. Bill Hanson, pegged opposite Girdler's Coppice, used the pole/feeder method to take a bream of around the 4lbs mark and, in spite of losing another good bream, he managed a third-placed weight of 7lbs 11ozs. Glyn Marples came runner-up in the top section with 6lbs 5ozs, a weight which included two worm-caught bream of a couple of pounds apiece.The third weight in each section was 3lb 15ozs, caught by Ian Paulley in the downstream section and Terry Sergeant in the upstream section.

Sunday 19th November
We held a club match on the river today, the part of the river used included the shallower water upstream of Town Bridge and the deeper stretch opposite the Bull.

The downstream deeper water proved to be the more productive area with Dean Walters , pegged towards the end of the first field across from the Bull, weighing in 14lb 14ozs of maggot-caught roach and perch for a good winning weight. Dean caught most of his fish on the pole at around 11metres before going across to the far bank at 14metres to pick up a lot of small stuff for the last hour. Kev Bennett, fishing just upstream from Dean, used similar tactics to net a good second-placed bag of 10lb 15ozs and Ian Paulley, pegged a little bit further upstream just below the disabled platform, had a lot of roach and small perch for 10lb 2ozs and third place. The shallower water upstream of Town Bridge provided less sporton the day but at the deepest end, immediately above the bridge, Mick Hurst had a nice net of roach weighing in at 9lb 9ozs.

Monday 27th Nov
We held a Winter Points match on the river at Steart, opposite the Bull Inn, yesterday.

On the upstream section Roger Durham, fishing maggot on the pole, had an all-roach net of 4lb 10ozs to take section first and third overall in the match. Dean Walters, pegged next to the car park, fished a long pole to take around 70 small roach for a section runner-up weight of 3lbs 3ozs and Steve Harvey weighed in 2lbs 7ozs for section third.

Pegged towards the end of the first field Stoyan Fuchedzhiev, a regular competitor in the Sturminster matches, had a nice bag of perch and a skimmer bream to win the section and the match overall with a weight of 5lbs 14ozs. In second place in the section and in the match Dave Rigby caught a lot of small roach on an 8 metre whip and a few other roach on the waggler from the last peg in the first field for a total of 5lbs 2ozs.The downstream end of the match, opposite the church downstream, didn't fish well and Mick Hurst needed only 1lb 11ozs of roach to take section third.

The next S&HAA match will be this coming Sunday, 3rd December. Originally planned for the Sowley length of the river but now the venue will be at Colber, it will be above Sturminster Mill because:

Please contact Ian Steele on 07748 626427 or Ian Paulley on 07970 228076 to book in.
Sunday 3rd December 2017
S&HAA had a Winter Points match on the river at Colber on today and a high turn-out found the river in good condition with very good weights coming from all sections. As is often the case in winter the pegs between the white footbridgeand the old railway bridge produced the best weights with a cracking net of 20lbs 4ozs topping the list. Stoyan Fuchedzhiev fished a heavy 3-gram float, which helped to slow the bait down in the flow,with maggot on the hook to tempt four nice bream and an excellent roach-bream hybrid of over three pounds to win the match, his second win in succession after winning at Steart last week. A couple of pegs down from Stoyan, Andy Miller had two nice bream and a lot of good roach for a runner's up weight of 17lbs 2ozs and just downstream from him Dean Walters had a nice all-perch bag of 16lbs 12ozs for third place.

Other weights included a lovely net of roach from Ian Dunlop, who alternated pinkie and caster as hookbait, to weigh in 12lbs 7ozs. Mick Hurst used similar tactics to weigh in 12lbs 1oz of roach and Ian Paulley caught roach using pole and running line methods to catch 11lbs 11ozs of roach.

As well as these catches three more 9lb-plus weights were brought to the scales - all in all a pretty good match.

Sunday 25th Feb 18
S&HAA had our annual home match against Tisbury on the river at Steart on Sunday.
The match proved to be a hard affair with the freezing temperatures and the very clear river.
Seven anglers represented the Tisbury club and only 4 fished for Sturminster.
A peg in the deeper water near the Bull car park was favoured and this was an accurate assessment as the downstream 5 pegs, the last one being below the church in the second field, all failed to weigh in.
Pegged just below the car park Dean Walters had a mixed bag of 7lb 5ozs to win the match. Dean had a lot of small roach on maggot and pinkie, some perch on worm and about 20-odd little rudd fishing 2/3 ft deep in his 12-ft deep swim - a most unseasonable species.
Pegged on the upstream end peg Jeff Sibley used running-line method (old fashioned rod and reel) to catch a lot of small roach, dace and perch for a runner's-up total of 5lb 12ozs. In third place Ben Sherry had the top Tisbury weight of 4lb 8ozs taken from the second disabled peg - mainly perch on worm with a few small roach on breadpunch - he even had a couple of perch on punch.
Simon Dennis took first in the downstream section - one bite, one perch, 1lb 13ozs, thank you very much! Tisbury's Rob Trimm, pegged in the 'Bath' swim just below the 2nd disabled peg had a mainly-perch bag weighing in at 3lb 8ozs to take section winner for the upstream end.
Local knowledge certainly counted with Sturminster totalling 14lb 14ozs for the team victory with Tisbury weighing in 7lb 15ozs.
The final S&HAA match of the season is scheduled for this Sunday, 4th Mar. To confirm that the match is on (weather permitting) and to book in please contact Ian Steele 07748 626427.

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