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19th September 2019
At MAPPOWDER there has been very good progress with major improvements to the lakes and access to them.
Since the car park was built over three years ago the two small ponds below Spring lake (the one next to the car park) have been cleared and restored to a 'fishable' state, having previously been reduced to a boggy area filled by weeds and sediment. The two 'new' ponds have been restocked by the Environment Agency with small crucian carp, skimmers and tench; there's a lot of weed growth and we need a fair bit of rain to fill the ponds up but they are now open for fishing. If you try it out there please let us know what you catch!
Another major project has been completed this month:
With a grant from the Angling Improvement Fund, managed by the Angling Trust, and funds from our own S&HAA resources, several fishing platforms and access tracks suitable for use by all anglers, including the less-able, have been installed. Members are encouraged to use the facility and, looking to the future of coarse fishing and club membership, the importance of introducing juniors to our sport cannot be over-emphasised - take the kids along. There can't be many more attractive places than Mappowder learn to fish.

Mappowder: one of the two small lakes

Environment Agency stocking:
with small tench and skimmers released later.
Some of the the access and platform improvement to Spring lake.
A joint ANGLING TRUST and S&HAA venture.

Our Chairman, Martin Drake, has recently said that he will no longer be able to continue as Chairman of the Association. This post is still to be filled and a volunteer to chair the committee meetings, at most one short meeting per month, would be appreciated.
Also the post of Secretary will be vacated on November 1st 2020. This is an important job that helps with the smooth-running of Sturminster & Hinton AA  and volunteer would be most welcome. Please contact any of the officers of the association - click on 'Contacts'.

19th September 2019
We have a new outlet for S&HAA permits: the Fiddleford Inn. For more details click on 'Permits and Prices'.
20th Feb 2020
Here's a couple of nice fish caught recently in what seems the only couple of hours that the river has been fishable of late....

Sunni England with
a nice chub of 5lb 6ozs
(left) and 
Bob Gibbs
with one of 
5lbs 12ozs.
5th March 2020
Members please note that the tackle shop at Todber Manor will no longer be selling S&HAA Season permits (Day and Week sales continue) or Lodden Lakes permits. They will remain available via our Membership Secretary:
Click on 'Contacts'


May 2020

As most of the S&HAA membership will now be aware the government has made some modifications to the rules introduced to restrict the spread of the virus.

There will be a relaxation of the restrictions on movement and on certain sporting activities and, with thanks in no small part to the efforts of thousands of anglers and the Angling Trust, we can resume our still-water angling from Wednesday 13th May.

We have therefore decided to re-open Mappowder lakes as from Wednesday 13th May.

It is important for all members to be aware that the social distancing rules remain in force and it is essential that members visiting Mappowder adhere to these rules. Transport to and from the venue is subject to similar rules as before but interpretation of these rules is left to individual members. The government has very recently increased the fines liable to be paid for private transport of anyone other than driver or family.

The two-metre rule must be complied with by all members until further notice. Only alternate numbered pegs on Spring lake should be used.

This should not be too difficult for fishermen and is probably one of the main reasons that angling is one of the sports where the rules have been relaxed.

Please note that non-compliance could result in these privileges being withdrawn with immediate effect by central or local government, the Mappowder Court Farm Partnership or the S&HAA Committee.

Thank you to all members. Enjoy the fishing.

D Rigby

pp Committee S&HAA
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