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Current River conditions:


Thu 9th November
River fining down nicely after the recent rain. OK to fish today and, with the lack of rain in the forecast, should be in very good condition by the weekend.

Mon 11th December
After a settled period where the river has been in good nick and fishing well the rain over the last couple of days has seen the river rise to almost bank-high. Not worth fishing at the moment but, provided there's not too much rain over the next few days, it should be OK by the weekend.

Tue 19th December
Now the rain has gone the river is in good condition and, looking at the forecast, is expected to remain so until well into the Christmas bank holidays period. Let us know how you get on!

Tue 9th Jan 2018
Now that the holiday period is over the river, after several days being unfishable, is returning to normal winter level...
It's in good condition at the moment and, weather forecast considered, should remain so for several days.

Tue 16th Jan
Here comes the rain again...
River up and coloured, probably not back in good nick until the weekend.

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