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With imminent change of ownership and re-negotiation of fishing rights on some of our river stretches it is no longer possible to fish on the Bere Marsh Farm stretch of river above Hayward's Bridge. The small upstream section on the left-hand bank below the footbridge (accessible via the public footpath crossing the fields from the trailway bridge over the road towards Hayward's Bridge) is still available for members. It is hoped that after the change of ownership of the farm a new arrangement will be negotiated on behalf of S&HAA.
Except for the small stretch mentioned above our river holdings are as shown on the two pages of maps below.
Hence the upstream boundary of our river remains at the top of the third meadow upstream of Cutt Mill and the downstream boundary is at present at the upstream end of the two small meadows above Hammoon Bridge on the right-hand bank.
All right/left bank references are, as per convention, based on the downstream direction.
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