Current River Conditions

Welcome to the new season.
23rd August 2014
River still in excellent condition with a bit of flow and tiny bit of colour. Roach fishing especially good at this time with bream and the odd chub being taken from the weirpools.

20th July 2014
After all the recent rain the river is in excellent condition with a decent flow and a tinge of colour. Good weights in the match today (click on Match Results) and reports of good catches from the weirpools.

25th June 2014
Following all the warm weather recently the river is in very good condition and, in spite of the lack of rain, the flow is at a reasonable level with fish being caught along all the popular areas.

26th Feb 2014
After as couple of days where the river was fishable it's up again today - but not too coloured. Hopefully the forecast rain will not be too heavy and the river will be good for end of season sessions within a day or two.

3rd Feb 2014
Apologies for being 'off the air' for a few weeks, good timing though, the river has been unfishable for several weeks and looks set to remain so for at least another week. Lake catch reports would be interesting, click on 'Contacts' and let us know.

16th Dec 2013
The good conditions are over for a while now. River high and coloured after the recent rain and will probably take four of five days to go back to a fishable level. Maybe by the Christmas break it'll be back to good winter form.

26th Nov 2013
After couple of frosty nights river normal level, decent flow and not coloured. Roach going well and worth a try on the bread - punch for roach, flake for chub.

8th Nov 2013 (0930hrs)
River back to normal winter level - good flow and a tinge of colour, well fishable in most deeper areas. Rain forecast today so by pm tomorrow could be high again.

5th Nov 2013
Wrong again! The weatherman that is.... River high and coloured, leave it for a few days.

4th Nov 2013
River high and coloured but fishable in 'eddy' areas near the big bends. Should be OK for Tuesday and Wednesday but rain forecast for Wed may put it up again.

27th Oct 2013
River in good winter condition today - good flow and a bit of colour. Looking at the forecast maybe that's about to change, very heavy rain and high winds expected later today and into Monday.

23rd Oct 2013
After recent rain river up and coloured but still fishable in some areas. Maybe a good time to try for the bream on worm...

16th Oct 2013
No reports on conditions for the last few weeks as the river has been in excellent condition. Still in good nick with a bit of extra flow because of the recent rain. More rain forecast in the next few days, watch this space.

19th August 2013
A bit more flow after recent rain and river in perfect condition, lots of roach being caught all along our river stretches.

22nd July 2013
River has very little flow due to the prolonged dry spell but lots of small fish being taken all along our club's fisheries. Early morning or evening best if you want to try for the bream or tench.

9th July 2013
River in very good condition with lots of fish to be seen as each day warms up. Several bream (there's a lot more of them in the river than would first appear) and a lot of chub seen sunning themselves with the best time for the bream early morning or late evening. Good weather set to continue for a few days yet - send your catch reports/photos to us via 'Contact' button.

25th Jun 2013
A new season upon us and the river in perfect condition. Several good catches (see 'News' via button on left) but the first match spoiled by very cold wind after much warmer conditions. Now warming up again and should be good from at least the next week. Don't forget - let us hear about your catches and photos always welcome.

26th Feb 2013
River down to normal winter level and fishable in all areas.
Chub up to over five pounds caught recently below Fiddleford; try bread-punch for the roach or worm for the perch.

13th Feb 2013
Level dropping again after weekend rain, if forecast correct should be OK by the weekend.

5th Feb 2013
Level dropped to just about normal winter state and water slightly coloured, OK on most lengths except shallow areas. Plenty bites from roach/perch on the tip yesterday, would probably have caught more on the float tackle.

23rd January 2013
Happy New Year! But not much better on the river... After being difficult to get to because of the snow, that is now melting and the river is up and coloured; also the usual grotty salt etc washing in off the roads doesn't bode well for catching in the next few days. If it's better by the week-end I'll update here.

4th December 2012
The river fined down nicely for the match on Sunday (click on 'Match Results') but more rain in the last two days has seen it rise again. The forecast for the next few days is good with very little rain predicted hence by Thursday or Friday of this week it should be back to a good fishable condition.

28th November 2012
River fining down but still probably not worth a try. Forecast cold and clear for the next few days so should be OK for the weekend, nearly time for breadflake/punch for the chub and roach...

22 November 2012
Pic below shows river upstream from Fiddleford yesterday evening, it's about half a mile wide and the weather shows no sign of improving so it'll probably be next week before the river is fishable again.

20th November 2012
After a brief respite the rain is back with us today with more expected overnight. With the ground still waterlogged the river will be up again soon so get there quickly or wait 'til the weekend and have another look.

18th Oct 2012
The river is well up this morning but with a few fish rising in the margin eddies there's still a chance to catch in a few places.