Steart, Ham and Sowley

Below Stur (detail)
Stur to Fiddleford

The Steart length, beginning immediately below Town Bridge, offers a variety of swims with deep water by the car park down through the first meadow, then the river shallows up where it flows opposite the church and then it deepens and slows again all the way down to Fiddleford Mill. There are a couple of platforms for disabled anglers close to the car park and here in the first field one can expect the usual roach, perch, skimmers and, when conditions are right, some good bream fishing.
In the next meadow downstream the pegs opposite from the church offer a completely different challenge with the river much shallower and faster-flowing. Here you can expect some decent chub and lots of dace and roach and, further down as the river gets a little deeper, there are some very good bream pegs but to get the bream the conditions have to be right....... a bit of colour in the water is essential.
The river then flows slowly all the way down to Fiddleford and in these three meadows there are lots of roach, dace, perch and pike with a good head of (difficult to catch!) bream. Also in recent seasons we have seen a lot of rudd being taken in the warmer weather with fish approaching the 2-pound mark. Fish opposite the trees at the top end of the downstream field (Sowley) or at the downstream end just before the weir and you can expect a few chub - try presenting the bait on float tackle well off the bottom.
Apart from parking opposite the Bull pub, at the upstream end of the length, it's best to park in the car park at Fiddleford for the Sowley stretch.