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The VETERANS' page.

Veterans Competitions
Dennis Corry runs these matches which take place every other Wednesday throughout the year. They are open to all Club Members aged 55 or over and the aim is to make it a pleasant day out with friendly competition.
The general idea is to fish 2 river matches to one stillwater but, of course, the weather is the deciding factor, particularly during the
winter months. Obviously, during the Close Season, all matches are on non-running water.
Pools are paid, not only for prizes on the day, but also to create a reserve that is used for rental of non-Club waters and for the prizes at the annual Christmas competition. The individual cash prizes at each match are spread out across the field so that, very often, up to half the competitors will pick up.
The venues are decided on a combination of where is fishing well, accessibility and availability. Every effort is made to ensure that
no angler has a long or difficult walk to their peg. On a number of our venues it is possible to drive to, or near, your peg - when the
weather and ground conditions are suitable.
The veterans are represented by Bill Hanson (07730046950) on the Club Committee and the matches are run by Dennis
(07791374836), with whom you should book in if you wish to participate.
Due to the previously mentioned vagaries of weather and accessibility it is impractical to publish a fixture list.
Club members wishing to fish on a Wednesday that coincides with a Vet’s match should contact Dennis on the Monday
prior to the match date to be advised of the venue.
The fortnightly dates can be worked out from a progression of: 23/8; 6/9; 20/9; 4/10 etc.
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