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19th September 2019
We have a new outlet for S&HAA permits: the Fiddleford Inn. For more details click on 'Permits and Prices'.
5th March 2020
Members please note that the tackle shop at Todber Manor will no longer be selling S&HAA Season permits (Day and Week sales continue) or Lodden Lakes permits. They will remain available via our Membership Secretary:
Click on 'Contacts'
20 July 2020
Once again the crowds have arrived to take advantage of the good weather and our river. Several members have reported incidents preventing any enjoyment of angling because of the inconsiderate, selfish behaviour of some of these 'visitors'. Boating on the river is not allowed without the express permission of the Hinton St Mary Estate. The 'boats' along with with litter, trespass and disturbance of the wildlife is intolerable and any comments or complaints made by anglers nearly always results in ignorant abuse.
Members please note that any incidence of anti-social behaviour should be reported by calling 101 and it is advisable to report incidents also to :  this will ensure that a permanent record of the report is created. More serious incidents where life may be in danger or a crime is in progress should be reported by dialling 999.
With suspected illegal fishing or pollution occurrences the environment Agency should be called on 0800 807060.
The important thing to note is that if incidents are not reported nothing will be done about them, the more incidents are reported the more likely action will be taken by the authorities.

17th September 2020
The outlet for tickets sales at Candy's Newsagents in Sturminster will no longer be selling S&HAA angling permits.
All tickets can still be obtained at March's Electrical in Sturminster, the Fiddleford Inn, Conyers in Blandford, Revels Fishery and the Todber Manor tackle shop will continue to sell Day and Week tickets only.
All tickets continue to be available from Keith goddard, Membership Secretary, click on 'Contacts'  for details.
16th Nov 20
With the river out of sorts recently there have been no matches but a few anglers have managed to fish on the weirpools where sometimes the high waters don't completely prevent angling.
Last Friday a couple of guys from the PI Thatchers team fished the weirpool at Sturminster and, in spite of the near-flooded river, had a good day.
Fishing ledgered worm on a feeder rig Rob Mann had a nice 6lb bream and Mark Harper had around 40lb of good bream up to 6lbs in the nextpeg. The bream often oblige when the river is up and a bit coloured and so it proved on the day.
22nd November
Go to 'Permits and Prices' page for details of how to purchase during Lockdown
Members will be receiving the annual Newsletter earlier than normal this year.
The reason for this is to enable the new membership management system to be established in good time before the start of next season.
The new service will allow the membership of the association to be administered electronically and provide a modern, up-to-date process for joining the club and make it easier for new members to join for a day, week or season as they wish. The payment of membership fees will be handled by a trusted third party supplier as will the distribution of permits and other relevant information.
You are asked to provide your email address along with the other usual information on application. Those members who do not currently have an email address or access to the internet will be catered for using the 'old-fashioned' methods for the time being but it is hoped that the joining protocol will be entirely on line by the end of next season.
In the meantime Keith Goddard (Membership Secretary) will continue to handle the paper-based applications until the start of next season.

Every Saturday (except Boxing day) from now until the end of January the Mappowder Shoots will be taking place. Monday 28th Dec will also be a shoot day. For some of these events the S&HAA car park will be used (the normal 'bus transport' for the shooters is not allowed this year because of the Lockdown etc). There should be room for the limited number (at this time of year) of anglers' cars anyway. 
7th Jan 2021
The government have now decided that angling is a permitted activity under Lockdown conditions. This has been permitted under the 'daily exercise' rules and,  as with all aspects of the coronavirus restrictions, no 'groups' are allowed so please keep well away from fellow fishermen. Also no night fishing and no matches are allowed
The Angling Trust website has comprehensive information about all the limitations caused by the coronavirus epidemic and  you are encouraged to go to:
for more information.
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