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APRIL 2019: this is still relevant...

On the 'Angling Trust' page you'll find details on the recruitment of Volunteer Bailiffs, an important job for members to do to protect our river and the fish in it. Go have a look!

Email or phone your catches to the Secretary - click on 'Contacts' - and we'll get the news on the website and in the local press.
20 September 2017
Illegal fishing does take place on our waters and reproduced on the 'Angling Trust' page is a copy of the information produced by the Environment Agency and the Angling Trust.
It is difficult for individual anglers to take action but all our members are encouraged to follow the guidelines shown, the Police and the Environment Agency authorities are keen to help all genuine anglers and their clubs in the prevention of illegal angling and the more reports the authorities receive, the more likely they are to take action.

Click on 'River Fishing' to find two map pages showing the extent of our river fishing on the Stour

Members are reminded that driving of vehicles across fields to access the river bank and/or parking on the river bank is not allowed without previous permission being arranged via the committee. Such actions potentially put our river fishing at risk - members are asked to take a note of registration numbers of 'offending' cars so that this practice can be discouraged.
12 Sep 2018
S&HAA is a member of the Angling Trust (AT) and Fish Legal, the national organization representing anglers in all important aspects of our sport.
To help support the AT in its work you can join as an individual member. Right now there is a great offer available for individual joiners: click on the 'Angling Trust' page and see the details and how to apply.

24th April 2019
The AGM took place last week: good progress was reported on the Mappowder project as it nears completion, members were encouraged to report instances of suspected illegal fishing and to report their good catches for publication here on the website and in the local press. They were also reminded that new committee members  are always welcome, especially as the 'officer' positions (Secretary, Match Secretary, Membership Secretary and Treasurer) will all need to be filled over the next year or two, the present incumbents having carried out the jobs for several years.The position of Chairman is currently vacant, Mr Martin Drake, after doing an excellent job over the last few years, has been forced to step down due to ill health. Volunteers most welcome.
In this vein it's good to report that John Mack has volunteered to represent the pike anglers, the main job being to organize the pike matches on the river. Thanks to John for that (his phone number is 07919932399.)
One rule was accepted for change by the meeting: General Regulation no.8 was changed to clear up any confusion over the use of two rods when fishing the river. When pike fishing one or both rods may be used for deadbait fishing.
The AGM concluded with a nice buffet the trophy presentations. Thanks to Brad Bradley for volunteering (?!) to present the trophies.
All S&HAA ticket prices to remain as last year

Some of the trophy winners pictured here:
Paul Bealing - biggest pike. Carol Down - biggest perch. Bill Hanson - best match weight. Brad Bradley - chief trophy presenter. John Cattell - several cups including the Summer points, overall points and the White Hart trophy.
26th April 2019
We are required to have a member - or ideally several members - to complete an E-LEARNING course on Invasive Species, supervised by the Angling Trust. This is a very interesting subject and the course can be completed in your own time and is likely to take no more than a couple of hours.
If you are interested please contact the Hon. Secretary as per the 'Contacts' page on this site.
Thanks all.
20th May 2019
At MAPPOWDER there has been very good progress with major improvements to the lakes and access to them.
Since the car park was built over three years ago the two small ponds below Spring lake (the one next to the car park) have been cleared and restored to a 'fishable' state, having previously been reduced to a boggy area filled by weeds and sediment. The two 'new' ponds have been restocked by the Environment Agency with small crucian carp, skimmers and tench; it is intended to reopen them to anglers at the end of July this year.
Another major project has been completed this month:
With a grant from the Angling Improvement Fund, managed by the Angling Trust, and funds from our own S&HAA resources, several fishing platforms and access tracks suitable for use by all anglers, including the less-able, have been installed. Members are encouraged to use the facility and, looking to the future of coarse fishing and club membership, the importance of introducing juniors to our sport cannot be over-emphasised - take the kids along. There can't be many more attractive places than Mappowder learn to fish.

Mappowder: one of the two small lakes

Environment Agency stocking:
with small tench and skimmers released later.
Some of the the access and platform improvement to Spring lake.
A joint ANGLING TRUST and S&HAA venture.
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