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19th September 2019
We have a new outlet for S&HAA permits: the Fiddleford Inn. For more details click on 'Permits and Prices'.
5th March 2020
Members please note that the tackle shop at Todber Manor will no longer be selling S&HAA Season permits (Day and Week sales continue) or Lodden Lakes permits. They will remain available via our Membership Secretary:
Click on 'Contacts'
12th Jun 20
Members may be aware that the recent warm weather combined with the 'Lockdown' has resulted in an unprecedented number of visitors on the riverbank. The legacy of this has been an impression of uncaring abuse with masses of litter of all kinds (including cans, bottles, disposable BBQs, plastic wrappings and even human excrement) being left not only on the footpaths but on the private property of local farmers. 
The river has also been used for all kinds of 'boating' activities, activities which require official permission after application to the Hinton St. Mary Estate.
We ask our angling members to continue to rise above the selfish, irresponsible behaviour of these people. We all know the rules re litter and respect for livestock and wildlife. We all know the penalties for abusing them.
With the imminent opening of the new river season members should be aware that, for reasons described above, the access to the weirpool at Cutt Mill has been restricted. Access for anglers is now limited to the far side of the pool and to the up- and down-stream  banks on the 'Stalbridge' (western) side of the river. The Estate personnel will be making occasional checks of licenses in the area and the cooperation of our members would be appreciated. Also members are encouraged to help S&HAA and the Estate by checking licenses as they see fit - production of your own membership document gives authority to ask to see anyone else's permit.
21st June 2020
Here's a photo of S&HAA Chairman Ian Paulley after a nice session yesterday on the stretch between Town Bridge and Stur Mill.
In a three-hour session he had quality roach and rudd, a few nice chub up to the 3lb mark and a few bream including a nice slab of around 5lbs.
Excellent all-round sport - the river's fishing well all along the S&HAA lengths.

A nice opening-day roach of 1lb 14ozs from the weirpool at Fiddleford caught by Steve Mullins. He also had a few good bream up to 6lbs.
14th July 2020
Members please note:
It appears that this year has been a good one for our little black and yellow friends the wasps.
Several nests have been removed from the riverbank by one or two of our members - the brave ones who can run 100m in less than 10seconds.
So please have a look round before you start to fish a swim.
if you do find a nest you can always go back after dark and dig out the grubs - a brilliant chub bait....
16th Jul 2020
Another good roach from Fiddleford weirpool.
Ian Denton caught this lovely-conditioned 1lb 7oz fish yesterday.
20 July 2020
Once again the crowds have arrived to take advantage of the good weather and our river. Several members have reported incidents preventing any enjoyment of angling because of the inconsiderate, selfish behaviour of some of these 'visitors'. Boating on the river is not allowed without the express permission of the Hinton St Mary Estate. The 'boats' along with with litter, trespass and disturbance of the wildlife is intolerable and any comments or complaints made by anglers nearly always results in ignorant abuse.
Members please note that any incidence of anti-social behaviour should be reported by calling 101 and it is advisable to report incidents also to :  this will ensure that a permanent record of the report is created. More serious incidents where life may be in danger or a crime is in progress should be reported by dialling 999.
With suspected illegal fishing or pollution occurrences the environment Agency should be called on 0800 807060.
The important thing to note is that if incidents are not reported nothing will be done about them, the more incidents are reported the more likely action will be taken by the authorities.

5th August 2020
In the last few days there has been a report of MINK being seen at Fiddleford weirpool. This is the first reported sighting of these destructive animals for about 20 years. If you see any mink activity please report it to a committee member - click on 'Contacts' above.
Please note that the grass has been cut at Sowley and Little Ham fields above Fiddleford weirpool hence fishing there from now on is OK.
'Visitors' should not be swimming in the river where you are fishing and should refrain from doing so. The use of any form of boat without permission from the Hinton St Mary Estate is expressly forbidden, the people who are currently allowed are four club members, for river maintenance purposes, and the Bryanston School for their annual canoe race held every December. Note that there is No Public Right of Navigation on English and Welsh non-tidal rivers. This has been stated in law texts and supported by case law. If canoeists claim to have the right to canoe via membership of British Canoeing (formerly the British Canoe Union) they are wrong.
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