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Current River conditions:

19th Dec 2019
River now over the banks and will probably remain so for another 5 or 6 days.
Mappowder's fishing OK and it ain't flooded...
This photo taken this morning looking from the other side of the river from the Bull car park.
Short dog walk today.
31st Dec 2019
River fining down nicely and fishable now with the prospect of further improvement over the next few days and little rain forecast until after next weekend.
27th Jan 2020
After a few days of good conditions when some good catches were taken afraid the river's up again. Some rain forecast for the next few days but, if not too much, the river should fine down nicely in a day or two...
Wed 26th Feb 2020
River slowly fining down and with 'light rain showers' forecast for the next few days. It may be OK for the weekend (but big hale showers predicted for Sunday) so may be worth a go.
5th March 2020
The river was back to normal winter level yesterday but the heavy rain today will probably see it rise again.
Only 9 days to go before season's end, after the wettest February on record lets hope there is some respite in the next few days.
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