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We have two main lake fisheries for our members:
Mappowder Lakes 
Revels Fishery
Revels Fisheries remain a popular venue for our members and the annual arrangement with Jason and Co. will be renewed soon for another year. There are certain rules specific to the fishery and these will be published on a separate page here on the web site as well as in our membership handbook. Again, this is for full members only;  non-members can purchase day tickets on site as usual. 
25th Sep 2019
7yr old Fraser Baird with  nice mirror carp from Mappowder.
And his dad Simon's perfectly-scaled common from the next peg.
31st May 2019
A lot of work has been done recently at Mappowder: pond renovation, restocking and access improvements.
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Mappowder Court Farm Fishery
In order to conserve the natural environment and welfare of the fish and other wildlife at this venue the angling is subject to certain rules:

1. Members only, no day tickets issued.Junior members to be accompanied by an adult.
2. Anglers must be in possession of a current Environment Agency rod licence.
3. Fishing allowed only between sunrise and sunset.
4. No camping, fires or dogs.
5. The gate giving access to the fishery from the public highway is to be opened only for access and egress.
6. Anglers must produce their permit to any other identifiable member or the landowner or his agent on request.
7. Keepnets to be dipped in the sanitizing bath before fishing.
8. No carp to be kept in keepnets except in matches and, in that case, separate nets are to be used for carp and silver fish.
9. Twrods may be used but they must be placed no more than 1 metre apart and NEVER left unattended when baited
10. Barbless hooks only to be used.
11. A maximum of 1kg of groundbait (if any) to be used per session.
12. No nut hookbait (eg tiger nuts) to be used.
13. No surface baits to be used. The use of alternative rigs such as zig-rigs and waggler fishing which allow a bait to be presented near to but not on the surface is permitted. The purpose of this restriction is to prevent the hooking of any waterfowl and is in keeping with the rules at many other Stillwater fisheries.
14. All fish in the lakes are the property of S&HAA and no fish are to be removed from the fishery. All American signal crayfish are to be despatched immediately, they shall not be  returned to the water or transported alive from the fishery.
15. NO LITTER of any kind is to be left.
16. These rules are subject to amendment at any time conditional on agreement between the landowner and the S&HAAcommittee. Any angler found breaking the rules will be liable to dismissal fromthe Association after due consideration by the committee.
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