Match Results

27th June – Colber Farm Match

The first Club match was held on the Upper Stour at Colber Farm and 26 anglers fished.

The rain that was forecast failed to materialise, much to the relief of those fishing but the river was clear and slow and it was hard work for everyone to put together a weight of fish.  There were many pegs that had difficulty because of marauding pike.

The top weight was Simon Dennis with 8lbs12ozs of roach and perch, alternating between chopped worm and maggot.   Nigel Bartlett was second with 8lbs of mainly roach and some rudd and Mike Cullen had 7lbs14ozs for third place narrowly beating Steve Harvey who had 7lbs 13ozs.

There were a number of 5 and 6 pound weights and the most successful tactic was fishing maggot and pinkie over groundbait.

The next match is on Sunday 11 July and the venue is expected to be the same stretch of river.  Any change to this will be published on the Club website.

11th July – Upper Colber Match

27 Anglers competed in the second summer points match of the season at Upper Colber on Sunday 11 July 2021, although it didn’t much feel like July and everyone had a wet pack up after the final whistle.

The two end pegs provided the winner and third places while Peg 16 was second.

Dean Walters on Peg 1 caught 15lbs 7ozs of roach and perch, the roach were taken on red maggot and the perch on worm.

Stu Burdekin was second with 10lbs 09ozs of roach from the second downstream field on caster and Jeff Sibley on the last peg was third with 9lbs 06ozs of roach and perch caught on maggot/pinkie over ground bait.

Paul Newton in the top field was beaten by one ounce by Jeff but had the small consolation of winning his section.   Paul was one of very few who managed to catch on hemp and tares.

The weights then dropped with one 7lbs, a couple of sixes and quite a few fours.   The venue fished better than the first match and, with luck, it should continue to improve.

The next match is the White Hart Trophy/Summer Points on Sunday 25 July, the venue will be shown on the website fixture list when it is known.

25th July – Upper Colber Match

The third Summer Points Match was held on Sunday 25 July at Colber Farm and 22 anglers took part.

Despite what appeared to be ideal conditions, still and overcast, the fishing was very hard and the majority could only find very small fish. Just about every hook bait combination was tried but nothing seemed to work better than another.

The match was very tight at the top with Bill Hanson taking the winning weight of 6lbs 4oz of roach and perch on pinkie and worm. Paul Wilding was second with 6lbs 2oz of similar fish caught on a variety of baits although a beautiful 10oz Rudd was the pick of his day. Paul Newton was third by just one ounce. Roach and perch again caught by varying the offerings.

The top section was won by John Cattell with 3lbs 12oz. Section 2 by Des Shipp with 4lbs 6oz and the end section by Jeff Sibley with 4lbs 12oz.

The next match will be Sunday 8th August, venue still to be fixed but will be on the website as soon as it is known.


8th August 2021 Colber Farm

The fourth Summer Points Match was held on the River Stour on Sunday  with 19 competitors.   On a very blustery day, anglers we’re fortunate that the rain was limited to a couple of showers but the river was still low, slow and very clear making the fish skittish with many pike showing.   Despite these factors, results were better than the previous match on the same venue.

Leading the way, from the downstream end peg was Mic Hurst with 11lbs 14ozs of roach caught on the pole long and short using maggot and pinkie over small balls of groundbait.   Steve Harvey was second with 8lbs 5ozs of roach and perch, again caught on maggot and pinkie over groundbait.   Coming third with 8lbs was Nigel Bartlett, using similar methods.

The top section was won by Neil Sims with 5lbs 12oz.    The middle section by Bill Hanson with 3lbs 05 ozs and the downstream section by Nick Collins with 4lbs 05oz.

The next match will be Sunday 22 August, venue still to be fixed but will be on the website as soon as it is known.
The Air Ambulance Charity Match that was scheduled for 11 September will not go ahead and the new date will be published on the Club website as soon as it is fixed.

Sunday 22 August 2021 Colber

The Pairs Cup and fifth Summer Points match was fished at Colber on the upstream and downstream fields from the old railway bridge.  Weights were generally better than recent matches despite the bright sunshine, gin clear water and slow flow.

The match was won by Nicky Collins in the upstream field with 16lbs 3ozs.   Nick had a bream of about 5bs, two smaller bream and a back up of roach, all caught using caster, maggot and pinkie over groundbait.    Second was Neil Sims fishing the first peg below the white footbridge and managed 10lbs 7ozs of roach and perch, together with two small skimmers, on methods similar to the winner.   Third place was taken by Kev Bennett who based his tactics on targeting little fish and he had 183 roach, dace and perch for 8lbs 11ozs.

On the day, there were four Sections and the winner of Pegs 1 – 5 was Jeff Sibley with 5lbs 15ozs; 6 – 10 was Jamie Bumby with 8lbs 10ozs; 11 – 16 was Dean Walters with 6lbs 08ozs and the downstream end Section was won by Charlie Way with 5lbs 04ozs.   With the exception of Jamie, who snared a 3lbs bream, all the Section winners used similar tactics of maggot, pinkie and caster over groundbait to catch roach and perch.   Some fish were caught on worms but it seemed to attract pike into anglers’ swims.

The Trophy was won by the team of Nicky Collins and Charlie Way with an excellent combined weight of 21 – 07.

The next Club match will be on Sunday 5 September and, if the pegs can be trimmed out and the bottom weed raked clear, we hope to hold it at Hamgate Farm (Sowley, Big Ham & Little Ham fields).


Sunday 5 September Colber

Correction to entry for 22 Aug, the Pairs Cup – this was NOT a points match.

The Edwin Short Memorial Match took place on the River Stour at Colber on Sunday 5 September 2021 and a good turn out of 27 anglers competed for the trophy.

The weather was clear and bright, the temperature was high (by this summer’s standards) and the river was low, slow and clear.   Not surprisingly, the fishing was hard with only very small fish being interested in feeding.

The exception to this was Paul Wyatt who managed a large bonus bream in his winning net of 8lbs 3ozs caught on maggot over groundbait in the middle of the stretch above the old railway bridge.  Second with 7lbs 15 ozs was Jeff Sibley on the end peg downstream of the white footbridge.  Jeff had a great number of roach but they were very small so he had to work very hard to achieve this weight, taken on a 7 metre whip fishing pinkie over small balls of groundbait.  Third was Jamie Mumby on the first peg below the white bridge with 5 – 11 of small roach and perch.

There were 2 prizes in each of the 3 Sections. The top section was won by Mic Hurst with 5lbs 3ozs and second was Steve Harvey with 3 – 13.  The middle section was won by Simon Dennis with 4lbs 2ozs and John Reed was second with 2 – 12.   The bottom section went to Charlie Way with 4lbs 5ozs and Mick Haskell was second with 1- 11.

Saturday 18 Sept 2021 – All Waters
This was the second year that we have run an Open match in support of the Air Ambulance Service.   The Association is grateful to the continued support of Sonubaits who provided prizes and the land owners who kindly permitted anglers to drive to their pegs, no doubt grateful that the ground was dry and hard!
The sections started at Colber Farm and finished just above Fiddleford Mill.  
58 anglers took part on a sunny, clear day and sport was better than expected considering the weather and river conditions.
The top weights were from the field above the demolished bridge at Colber where two anglers found some elusive bream, John Moody having five on caster for 23lbs 3ozs and in a nearby peg, Paul Wilding had 19lbs 1oz on worm and caster.   Liam Braddell was third, fishing at Durrant, with 12lbs 6 ozs of roach and perch and 4th was the Club Chairman, Ian Paulley with 11 – 2 of roach and rudd on caster.    
The final two individual prizewinners were Andy Miller 9lbs – 1oz and Lee Woodhouse 8 – 7.
The six Sections along the length all had prizes and these went to Richard Chave 6lbs – 1oz; John Gatehouse 7 – 13; Steve Harvey 5 – 11; John Barker 5 – 01; Mick Haskell 5 – 3 and Jamie Rich with 4 – 13.
The final sum raised is in excess of £1000 and thanks go to all who contributed in donations and organisation.
Sunday 3 October 2021 – Colber
The final Summer Points match was held at Colber after the first ‘proper’ rain in weeks resulting in very heavy colour on a rising river.   The weather was blustery with the odd shower and presentation  was poor on the pole. As a result, many fished the feeder and the top three all had the bonus bream that have provided wins in the last 3 matches.
John Taylor led the way with 9lbs 6ozs on the peg which had won the previous open and club matches above the old railway bridge.  John had two bream, the best being 5 – 10, and some back up roach and perch caught on lobworm.   Only four ounces behind him was Dean Walters who was pegged between the bridges and found a bream plus some roach, perch and an eel.  It’s not often we see those nowadays, worm was the bait.
Third was Jeff Sibley with 5lbs 11ozs which included one bream taken from the second swim from the top of Colber.
The top three all fished the feeder with a variety of worm and maggot hook bait.
The top section was won by John Cattell with 1lb 3ozs, the middle section by Mick Haskell with 4 – 6 of small fish caught up in the water out of a slack on the far side.  Slacks were hard to find given the river conditions! The bottom section was won by Jamie Mumby with 1lb 9ozs.  The results show it was a day for bonus fish but it’s hoped that this flush through will put the river in good shape for the start of the winter series.
The next match is the Stour cup on 17 October- venue to be notified via the fixtures list when decided.

Sunday 17 October 2021

The Stour Cup was won by John Cattell with 10lbs 4ozs when it was contested at Hamgate farm.

The river was very low due to the work being done further upstream although it still retained some colour after the heavy rain of a couple of weeks before.24 anglers took part and there were four sections of six, two in Sowley, one each in Big Ham and Little Ham fields.

John was pegged at the downstream end of Sowley and had bonus fish, a chub, a bream and a tench on caster and red maggot. Second was Jeff Sibley, again in Sowley, with 6lbs 3ozs and Mic Hurst was third with 5 – 13 from the upstream end of Big Ham.

The downstream section was won by Andy Miller with 5 – 6, the other Sowley section was won with 4 – 13 by Paul Wyatt who had a decent chub in that. John Barker won Little Ham field with 4 – 2 and Big Ham went to Simon Dennis with 4 – 11. The section winners all put together nets of small fish on caster, maggot and pinkie over groundbait.

The first Winter Points Match will take place on Sunday 31 October – venue to be fixed but will appear on the website nearer the time.


Sunday 14 November 2021

The first Winter Points Match took place at Sowley and 13 anglers took part on a very still and mild November day.
Although the river was low, conditions looked very good but it proved not to be the case with a top weight of only 5lbs 5ozs.   Most anglers were troubled by pike and the clear water made it all too easy for predators.
Top weight on the day was Bill Hanson with some nice caster roach and a 1.5lbs perch.  Second was Jamie Mumby with 5lbs which included a 2lbs bonus perch, Simon Dennis’ third weight of 4lbs 14ozs contained a nice perch of 1.25lbs.
The two section winners both caught small fish, Mic Hurst with 4lbs 6ozs and Dean Walters with 3lbs 1oz.
Everyone fished a variety of baits in an attempt to entice the fish but the main approach was maggot and pinkie with groundbait.   
The next Club fixture will be on Sunday 28 November at a venue to be decided.
Anglers are advised that vehicle access to pegs is no longer viable and trolleys are likely to be needed.

Sunday 28 November 2021

The second Winter Points Match took place at Colber – 8 anglers took part.

It was a bright, cold and frosty morning which did not bode well for the day’s fishing but everyone caught and it turned out much better than expected.

Top weight of 8lbs 14 ozs came from the second swim above the old railway bridge where Dennis Corry had roach to over a pound on maggot and pinkie.

Jeff Sibley was second in the next downstream peg where he had 8lbs 7 ozs of perch and some roach on worm, maggot and pinkie.  Third place went to Simon Dennis, between the bridges, again with a mixed bag of perch and roach to total 8 – 1.   It was all very tight at the top.

The next match will be the Annual Christmas Match at Revels fishery on Sunday 12 December.



Sunday 16 January 2022

The postponed round of Winter points matches from 9 January took place at Colber and 11 anglers attended on a quiet, overcast day although sport was slow after several nights of hard frost.

The winner on the day was Jeff Sibley with 8lbs 2ozs of perch from the peg right on the old railway bridge on the downstream side.   Jeff fished down the edge with worm to take a fair number of small perch.   Bill Hanson was second with 7lbs 1oz of roach and skimmer bream caught on red maggot from a peg approx 400m. upstream of the old bridge.   There was a tie for third with both Simon Dennis and Mic Hurst weighing in 4lbs 5ozs, both had roach and perch on worm, maggot and pinkie.

The next round will be on Sunday 23 January, again at Colber.



Sunday 23 January 2022

9 anglers fished the final Winter Points Match on the River Stour at Colber on a quiet but cold, overcast day. There water had cleared and there were some better weights than had previously been seen on this stretch.  In general, everyone was fishing worm, maggot and pinkie over groundbait for a variety of fish with perch and roach being found by the majority.

Top was Simon Dennis who was pegged between the bridges and found some good quality perch for a net of 17lbs 4ozs which included several around the 2 pounds mark on worm.  Second was Dean Walters on the first swim above the White Footbridge with 11lbs 4ozs and third was Jamie Stone with 8lbs 9ozs from below the old railway bridge.  After a very strong campaign, Jeff Sibley could only finish sixth but it was enough for him to pip Simon to the Trophy.   They both had 365 points but Jeff’s places in the frame (one first and two 2nds) put him above Simon on countback.

Although the matches for trophies are now complete, it is hoped to continue each Sunday whilst the weather holds good after 2 seasons of flood conditions that ruled out most of our Club Competitions.  Entering these ad hoc matches can be done through the usual channels.



Sunday 6 February 2022

Jamie Bumby maintained his bream finding skills for the second Sunday running when the Club match was fished at Durrant.   After a wet start and on a very blustery day, which made the fishing difficult, Jamie fished the long pole over groundbait with pinkie and maggot on the hook.  Fishing the end upstream peg, he caught throughout the match and finished with 57lbs 4ozs and the Club Records are being scoured to see if this is a record weight for a 5hour match on our waters.

Next to him, Jamie Stone managed to find some bream during his observation of Jamie’s endeavours, finishing with 14lbs 4ozs and Bill Hanson had two chub and some decent roach in his net of 11lbs 6ozs.     The lower pegs which were expected to be at the better end, did not match expectations although a 3lb chub and a 4lb tench were caught by Steve Harvey and Neil Sims, respectively.

The next Club Match will be on Sunday 20/2 –  venue to be published on this website.