General Regulations


1. All fish, including Pike and Eels shall be returned to the water unharmed.
2. The use of live baits is not permitted. Similarly gorge hooks, gaffs, night lines, trimmers and bank runners are not allowed.
3. The minimum net size when Pike fishing is 36”, trace lengths of 16” (dead bait) and 18” (spinning).
4. Members who wish to enter specimen fish for competitions or other prizes must have the fish weighed on approved scales. Details including the date of capture, Member’s and witnesses’ names and addresses, species and weight of the fish as shown by the weighing scales and any other particulars the Member may wish recorded must be forwarded to the Association Secretary within 4 days of capture.
Minimum weights are: Dace 8ozs, Perch 1lb 8ozs, Roach 1lb 8ozs, Rudd 1lb, Carp 10lbs, Chub 4lbs, Tench 4lbs, Bream 4lbs and Pike 10lbs.
5. Members should carry their Membership Cards and car Stickers (if appropriate) which should be produced on demand to a Officer of the Association or bailiff or any representative of the owners of Association waters.
6.  Guests must carry proof of ticket purchases and produce this as required on demand.
7. Fishing is allowed from sunrise to one hour after sunset on the River Stour.
8. Members may fish with two rods provided at least one is used for Pike fishing with fish bait and the rods are placed no more than 5 yards apart.
9. Anglers must not fish on the same bank  within 20 yards of another angler without first obtaining his/her agreement.
10. Members shall not cause damage to gates, hedges and fences or disturb or interfere with any livestock.  Gates must not be left open and vehicles not left to block any gateway or lane.  Dogs are not allowed to accompany members when fishing any Association water.
11.  The lighting of fires is prohibited.