Match Rules


  1. Dates and times of matches shall be decided by the Committee and Match Secretary: matches to be fished on the allocated days unless water conditions do not permit.  Competitors must book in no later than the Friday night before the match and should not fish the match stretch within 48 hours of the competition.
  2. Only Members are able to fish for Association trophies.
  3. The Match Secretary and the Match Support Group are responsible for all match arrangements and records.   Their details can be found at the head of the fixtures page for booking in purposes.
  4. The draw for swims shall take place no less than 1 hour prior to the start of a match, method of draw to be individual. A Match Group Member will be present (if possible) to supervise the draw.
  5. A peg on the river comprises that section from a numbered peg downstream to next numbered peg whether occupied or not. Fishing in the swim upstream or downstream of the drawn swim is not permitted.
  6. On a lake a swim is that section of water immediately in front of the peg. Fishing is permitted either side provided this does not extend more than halfway to another peg whether occupied or not.
  7. All fish are to be kept alive in an approved knotless keep net, and, after the weigh in carefully released.
  8. The weigh in shall be supervised by the Match Group’s nominated angler and at least two other Members. The weights of each competitor’s catch shall be recorded at the bank side and subsequently transferred by the Match Organisor to individual cards or score sheets.
  9. Results may be posted in the Blackmore Vale Magazine and on the Association’s web site,  and in any other electronic or print medium as deemed suitable for the good of the Association
  10. A competitor is to bait his/her own hook, strike, play and land his own fish without assistance. Only one hook is allowable except when fishing for pike.
  11. Fly fishing and spinning in pegged competitions is not permitted