Our Waters

SHAA Club Waters - River venues listed North to South

The Association offers the following fishing on the middle reaches of the Dorset Stour.

NOTE: All right/left bank references are, as per convention, based on the downstream direction.

The upstream boundary of our river waters remains at the top of the third meadow upstream of Cutt Mill and the downstream boundary is at present at the upstream end of the two small meadows above Hammoon Bridge on the right-hand bank.  Further details are provided for individual club waters.

1. Top Stretch – upstream boundary to Wood Lane.
2. Upper Stretch – Wood Lane stretch to Sturminster Mill.
3. Middle Stretch – Sturminster to Fiddleford.
4. Lower Stretch – Fiddleford to lower boundary

If you are new to our waters please be sure to read the section on River Levels listed under “Our Club”.