Bere Marsh


Bere Marsh is located just to the north of the village of Shillingstone. GR 50.90726616920375, -2.2537114269308254


1. Currently the club only has a small section of the LH bank near the footbridge – please study the map carefully.  It is hoped that after the change of ownership of the farm a new arrangement will be negotiated on behalf of S&HAA. This stretch has a good flow and is ideal for trotting a stick float. The depth is about 6-8ft and the bottom is uneven in places.


Parking & Access

The Bere Marsh stretch is just outside Shillingstone on the road to Child Okeford. If approaching from the south on the A357, go right through the village where upon you will notice the road to Child Okeford on your right. Turn into this road where you will find a car park for the Trailway immediately on your right.

The Bere Marsh stretch is accessed by crossing the road to Child Okeford and following the Trailway for about 20 yds. The footpath to the river is sign posted on the Right.

SAT NAV Postcode : DT11 0QX

Always park with consideration of others.

Do Not leave any valuables/fishing tackle on display in your parked car.


  • Chub
  • Dace
  • Perch
  • Pike
  • Roach
  • Rudd