Hammoon Stretch


This stretch is located just west of the small hamlet of  Hammoon  – GR 50.92897926902828, -2.2626621494440498


1. The Hammoon stretch is one the least frequented areas of the river under the stewardship of SHAA.  Only the RH bank is available for fishing. It has some very nice swims for trotting a float or quiver-tipping for a chub. It is a long stretch and the swims are often shallower and streamy. Thick weed growth can be a problem in many of the swims. Watch Mark Wintle tackling this stretch in the YouTube section and pick up some tips on the best way to approach the river here.


Parking & Access

If travelling from the south on the A350, drive through the village of Shillingstone and continue for about a mile and a half. The lane leading to Hammoon is located on the right, (nearly opposite the LH turning to Okeford Fitzpaine). Turn into the lane and drive with care as the road is narrow and has some tight bends. Just before entering the small village of Hammoon you will notice the entrance to a road marked private – no vehicular access. Turn into this lane and proceed for about a quarter of a mile until you reach a newly built farmhouse on you left. Limited parking on the verge on the right near the entrance to the farm.

SAT NAV Postcode : DT10 2DA

Always park with consideration of others.

Do Not leave any valuables/fishing tackle on display in your parked car.


  • Chub
  • Perch
  • Pike
  • Roach
  • Rudd
  • Tench



Mark Wintle fishes at Hammoon, again attempting to recreate a session from Jack Hargreaves “Old Country”, back in the day