The Durrant Stretch, Sturminster Mill and the Town Bridge Stretch


Sturminster Mill Pool is situated close to the town on the western edge – GR  50.92085138833995, -2.3115578340028304


1. The Durrant stretch can be accessed from either upstream at the Recreation Ground or downstream at the Mill. It’s another relatively quiet area for a day’s fishing.

2. Only the LH Downstream bank of the Durrant can be fished. Immediately behind the recreation ground in the lea of the island the river widens slightly to form a pool with slow moving water. Perch are common here along with roach and pike. Futher downstream the river is reed lined straight until it divides to form a flood relief channel on the LH bank. The LH bank of the main river is accessed by crossing the ford. NB crossing the ford should not be attempted when the river is in flood as the current can be very powerful at these times. Across the ford, find the small “island” on your right where you can fish the swim where the river divides – can be good for roach from the autumn onwards. The rest of the Durrant has some peaceful swims and the last two before the mill (behind the fence) can be good for bream if conditions are right.

3. The Mill Pool can be fished from both the LH and RH banks although there are relatively few swims where the pool bankside can be accessed. The pool is deepest on the upstream side gradually shallowing off and becoming increasly weedy and snaggy towards the tail of the pool. On the RH bank, immediately in front of the two clearly visible swims there is a deeper channel which is good for fishing hemp and tares. Casting well beyond this towards the middle of the pool there is a  large shelf area and this is where the bream sometimes congregate under the right conditions. On the LH bank the current from the weir passes close to the LH bank , creating swims with a faster flow on this side of the pool. The predator angler will find a good head of pike and perch in the pool.

4. The Town Bridge stretch is a compete change in character from the Mill Pool. The flow is smooth and steady with a good depth and is wel suited to trotting for roach. See Mark Wintle tackling this stretch in the YouTube links section. Road noise can be a distraction here, so go either early or late or “get in the zone” and ignore it. The swims are comfortable and give good access to the river.


Parking & Access

The main parking area for this stretch is the free public car park at Sturminster Mill. If travelling from the south on the A357, continue north along the road at the Town Bridge traffic  and the turning for Sturminster Mill is on your right. Bear left where the access road divides. Parking for 20 cars.

SAT NAV Postcode : DT10 2DQ

Always park with consideration of others.

Do Not leave any valuables/fishing tackle on display in your parked car.

Public toilets available – may be closed in winter.


  • Bream
  • Chub
  • Dace
  • Perch
  • Pike
  • Roach
  • Rudd
  • Tench



Sturminster Mill Pool

Mark Wintle fishes the Town Bridge section